1994 Nissan Pickup (D21) Questions

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I need the specifications on the torque settings on a 94 Nissan what to torque the head job on a 94 Nissan pickup
battery new , fuel pump is pumping, relays been checked
Truck runs great until i go to 2500rpm and the engine sputters. New plugs wires fuel filter dist cap and rotor.
i see ac compressors for sale but no 1994 clutches i believe the bearing is shot
I Overtightened the terminal bolt. I'm worried a heavy bump will cause the terminal bolt to loose contact or worse fall out
came from those black boxes attached to the positice cable at the battery.i have power to light headlights and wipers but truck will not!!1
My engine locked up I need to rebuild it. Where is there a good deal on a engine rebuild kit?
I don't know the terminology 2 input for a quote on a valve job had timing chain fixed need to make sure valves are working properly
and won't stay up when i pull it up with by hand. clutch won't work at all.
cant find speed sensor
There is a constant, loud ticking noise coming from top end of the motor.
replace fuel pump?
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