1993 Nissan Pickup (D21) Questions

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how do you identify on the labeling in your fuse box to make the dash lights to work
I need to know if a fuel pump off a 87 nissan truck fit on a 93 Nissan truck
Shifter stuck in reverse
It moves about half way and stops.
I'm a recent inherent of the truck. Father passed away, in the process of putting it back together (from blown head gasket)
After being screwed around by 2 people supposed to get it going for me. Now forced to assess my mechanical capabilities.
Everything I look up, shows the head to be correct. And I KNOW the value cover is original. However, there is a gap at the back of value cover and oil is spraying everywhere.
Mitroca cascabelea y bibra
Does anyone have a solution?
And where is the bleeding value at?
My wheel seals are not leaking nor is my master cylinder but I keep losing my brake fluid
When I leave the house it runs fine, when it gets up to temp it starts in 5th with the stalling and popping, eventually doesn't even want to take off unless held to the floor till the rpms get up then it cleans out, but still won't stay running in 5 th
First reverse went then they started dropping and I was really hoping that a manual transmission rebuild kit would fix the problem. Would like to know more information on this and which one is the best to get on a short budget?
The cab air vents have become brittle and inoperable. Dealers want $100 Per VENT. Ouch, for that little piece of plastic? Anybody got Ideas on better prices?
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