1992 Nissan Pickup (D21) Questions

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I am running without my cluster for a few days and want to hardwire my blower. It's cold!!
Automatic Transmission
i recently had the water pump and fan clutch replaced after overheating. that night it started up right after fixing and ran great. i stopped and turned the truck off and it wouldnt start. the truck sat over night and started in the morning. this was a few weeks ago, last night after work i started it up for about ten minutes and turned it off. came back an hour later and it wouldnt start. battery is fine and is getting good ignition but wouldnt turn. woke up this morning and it started first try. Now, nothing
Idled to running temp fine.Drove it 2 miles then gage went to cold.Heat luke warm.Does not over heat.temp won't register
Even when I push the clutch ALL the way in, the starter will not engage all of the time. Is there a switch that I can replace??
Am I crazy? I want to use it to tow my 600 lb Sunline Sunspot camper.
Should I trust it for long trips? No frame rust , standard has a high scream for a few minutes when I start it. I put a small sum on it to hold it until Wed. It is 1000.00 for the truck. Hardly any body rust. Little around doors and a little blistering over the back passenger wheel panel. Also at start hard to turn wheel , I think it will build muscles. Ok, let me know if I'm crazy or get the damn thing! Liz
It will bolt up if rotate and drill
I have a 1992 nissan pickup and I am needing to know what yr nissan pickups will work for a replacement. Also if maybe the pathfinder could work for a 4 cyl????
Changed plugs distributor cap and coil still no start....any suggestions
when I drop back to 45mph the overdrive comes back an at 46 to 5omph it kicks out of overdrive....
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