1991 Nissan Pickup (D21) Questions

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About once a week, it takes approx 3 seconds before starting. When that happens the oil light comes on for a few seconds. The oil light comes on only while it's trying to start. It always starts eventually and runs well. The rest of the time it starts immediately.

I have a 4x4 and just wondering if it can fit a 2wd transmission

going down the road you can feel it not shift into the next drive gear like it should. this does not happen all the time.

I don't think the transmission went out maybe a relay or something .now it won't go at all

I don't think the transmission went out maybe a relay or something ki

Have shifter out won't shift into neutral.

Then it just stops won't even crank why?

Problem just started. Truck is off and parked for the nite. look outside and lights are turned on. Why and how can i fix it?. Truck is a hard body

acting like its not shifting into overdrive. what could be going on

How many quarts of oil for 5 speed 2×2 transmission?

I have replaced the centre bearing and the vibration is still there, after jacking the wheels off the ground and putting it in gear I can see the front driveshaft spinning out of round.

engine idles rough - can take five minutes to start without dying.
loses power rapidly when travelling uphill
chews a whole tank of fuel in only two hours on freeway

currently will turn over but then shudders violently and dies- just wont start.

after 15-45 minutes the #2 cylinder starts firing bad theres very little spark or none at idle new cap and roter