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trying to find transmission for my 2008 nissan pathfinder was told there are 5 different kinds mine is 2008 4.0L type s not an off road does not have the auto on the switch from 2 wheel to 4 wheel not sure why they ask that I have the re5r05a just like all the other 2008's
The car it self doesn't ride very smooth to say it only has 120,000 mile on it and but im starting to think is more electrical more then anything... Does it cost much to get the gauges to work??
I have a 2008 Nissan pathfinder the slip n vdc light and engine light comes on I bought a new battery and had the alternater checked and it's ok what is the problem???
The shifter (automatic transmission) moves through all the gears but nothing changes and I am stuck in reverse
Just curious about the best battery brand for my car.
It makes a squeaking noise while driving, mainly when you first start going and coming to a stop. It sounds like it's around the tires and it's not an engine issues or belt issue.
After taking the seat out from cleaning under them, the passenger airbag light stays on, even when someone is in the seat sitting.
When the car is running the car with the key is not showing.

I think that what's killing my battery over night
The AC Blows but not cold (I'm sure the compressor isn't coming on). I decided to disconnect the battery just in case the AC problem was an electrical problem and now the vehicle won't start without a jump. It turns over forever but won't crank. Could it be a battery issue?
Checked fuses,fuel pump seems to be engaging,but one problem that I have is I can't find the port hole to check fuel pressure?put in new battery
I changed water pump on my 08 pathfinder. It is not releasing back on chain but the chain is tight is this correct?
Right after changing my rearbottom spring mount?
I have been chasing VDC problems with a myriad of "guesses" for solutions including a $4300 translmission that only made it worse I need to give up on Nisson. I can't afford to pay for the "fix" of the day.
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