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The beep lasts about 30 seconds
There is no sound, the car just dies and the above lights/icons pop up on my screen. Oil change is current.
This happened last week for 1st time- same thing and same lights popped up. I went to my mechanic, the dip stick had NO oil on it, so he added oil.. It only took 2 quarts and we were both surprised it did not need more than 2 quarts. My mechanic said, there is something more to this as the car should not die just like that????
The same thing happened today at home..
There are no leaks under the car. Driveway is clean of oil.
Immobiliser light keeps flashing at first I thought it was the battery in the key but have had that replaced and key inside the fob won't turn the ignition on I thought the key would have turned the knob
2006 Pathfinder 4x2 4.0L
when breaking slowly the car jumps to the front like the engine is pushing it to the front
My plate lights are out and need to be replaced.
Runs fine idleing but does not won't to accelerate sounds like it's chocking out
It's dies when it idles and no power
or is there some other sensor problem I can check? Thank you Larry
Looking for a replacement automatic transmission 4X2 for my 2006 pathfinder
2010 4X2 automatic transmission
Rebuild the engine 1st time with a used crankshaft oil pressure low when warm up .
2dn time new crankshaft same thing. Both times stared right up.
3rd time replaced with rebuild cylinder heads
No start almost but no. It has fuel pressure but intermittent spark. Check the fuses, relays, replace the crankshaft sensor, checked the cam sensors, check the timing chains, check the flex plate
When turn key, it makes one click noise. Radio and gauges amd lights come on. Fuses look fine. Where is the starter located to check it?
last week i traveled on 4 hours journey and i lost 2 liters of Oil. meanwhile the engine is not smoking black and there is no visible leakage on the engine body. My VDC-off and Slip light are on but it drives well. could this be responsible for the Oil drop
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