2005 Nissan Pathfinder Questions

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changed the following
Glow plugs
blocked off egr

I was going to replace it and cannot located where it is. I went through owners manual and looked for it under the hood. I appreciate any help and part number.

Major oil leak from the back of the engine no oil around the valve cover its all clean

It will only go back into 1st when i stop and shut the switch off but then as soon as i shift into 4th it wont down shift. Wont go into OD either.

pump is making noise and want to replace it

2005 pathfinder 70,000 miles

code P0430 comes out on my 2005 nissan pathfinder 2wd 4.0

I drove it last night got up this morning and it won't shift very loose

The vehicle starts really hard at times. After driving for a while the vehicle bogs down and sometimes dies once that happens the VDC and slip panel lights come on. Would like some opinions on what the possibilities are with this issue.

My oil one is broken

What /where is the best approach to get the rust taken off and car sealed /painted?

I just had my oil changed about 2 or 3 weeks ago. I had noticed it was leaking but put it off. I was headed to the store and my truck started idling rough and had no horsepower so i checked and i had no oil what so ever. Later that night i put oil to make it home and when i went back to place who did oil change he told me that its misfiring cause i have oil in my cylinder.

RPM is low it is always below 5, i need to hit the oscillator gas to to start the car most of the time. Other time the engine will die while i am driving i but in natural and step on the gas couple of time to restart the car.