2001 Nissan Pathfinder Questions

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I changed the dash clock without disconnecting the battery first. When I clipped the wires going to the clock, I heard a "click" that seemed to come from under the string wheel. Now the clock works but ... when the car is off the power locks don't work, when I turn it on they do. Also, the clock does not keep the time in memory - it shows 1:00 when I start the car. In addition, when I start the car the A/C is off and when I turn it on, it works but the default temp setting is 75F, regardless of the last temp setting. It is almost as if all of those things are no longer receiving power from the battery, but rather the alternator only when the car is running.

code p0174 bank 2

need to get the air out of the radiator

if i use power windows ac breaks or anything electrical the temp gage spikes to hot what is causing the problem ?

We have changed the thermostat, fan clutch, water pump, changed the oil and filter and ECT sensor so far. It was pulling a P0217 code until sensor was installed. Now, the service engine light is off, but it keeps running hot. Radiator seems to be ok and there is no leakage found anywhere. What now?

Is there a schematic you can share for the 2001 Pathfinder 4wd? I bought it brand new in 1/2001 and have practically all original parts. I'd like to keep it for a while longer. Thanks.

Window went down and would not go back up no sound nothing. All the other windows work. We can't get the motor out to replace it. Help

My truck is leaking brownish oil out slowly closest to the passenger side and when I drive it kid of shift a little then when I turn the car off it makes a funny little sound not loud or anything just sounds like more of a ticking noise

Checked head seems fine. Thinking sensor or fan?? Also while replacing the thermo it was leaking so I that high temp rubber cement was applied

What parts are i gonna change. Some have any ideia, for my pathfinder 2001 model, a lot of presure on fuel tank, thank you

I just purchased a 2001 Pathfinder SE with a manual transmission. It is in really good shape except for one thing...when you shift gears the RPMs do not immediately fall off. You have to wait a couple of seconds for the RPM to drop to put it in the next gear. Anyone have an idea what the fix is for this? I did lubricate the throttle cable that was exposed on top of the engine but that did not help. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.