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I have a leak onto my driver side floor
I have a family member that lives in Costa Rica. Parts are hard to find there and have asked me to do research. They are buying a new guage cluster from Canada for a 2000 Pathfinder SE Auto. The old speedometer in Km/H has quit working. Is there a way to remove the circuit board for the odometer and transfer it to the new guage cluster?
new radiator, new water pump, 2 new thermostats, new fan clutch. test on head gasket comes out ok. still over heats, and now is stalling when hot.
Could the possible damage to the wires to #2 cylinder injector be the problem? Hard to see as under the v-6 intake manifold. Light remains on steady for four days now. Engine runs smooth.
i have replace the following in my engine, fuel pump, plugs, key transponder but it could not start. my engine cranks good but could not start
We've replaced fuses checked wiring still nothng. When turning the ignition I here a clicking sound. First time this happened was about a month ago, I took it to the shop and they replaced the starter. 2nd time I jumped stRted and it cranked. The next day did the same thng and nothing. Any suggestions?
I have had two shops look at the car. Replaced the distributor and hose and pushed up the idle. Had a sensor knocking code P0325. Car still stalls when sitting for longer periods. Is this something with my fuel system?
My car won't stop the when I press the pedal is hard and it betterly moves, I have no idea what can this be. I need help please....
Sometimes right when I crank it up they don't work then are driving for a while they just start working randomly. Other times they are working then while driving they just randomly stop working and the speedometer and rpms go all the way down
I just replaced my fuel pump and now the gas gage is not working I was told that its all connected and that when i got the fuel pump replaced that the sensor is with it. my mechanic said I might have to pay for the sensor but I was told that when you replace the fuel pump that the sensor is apart of it, the sensor for the fuel was working fine before I took it to get repaired and now its not and my mechanic said he might have to charge me to fix something that was working before I took it there it was just the fuel pump and the front end please help so I don't have to pay more then I already did.
Had new distributor put on a yr ago and car ran good.
Now it starts and runs good until its warmed up 10-15 min.
Then Stalls.Will start again but keeps stalling.
Then runs choppy and constantly stalls.
yesterday morning. This sound only occurs when the wheels are in motion. It is not a grinding noise. Just thumping. It is faster the faster I go and ceases when the vehicle is not in motion. If I turn left, it seems to be more pronounced. I did not remove the tire to inspect, as the rain was coming down yesterday. Any thoughts? My Pathfinder is RWD, by the way. THANK YOU!
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