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1998 pathfinder driving and just stopped recently tuned and fuel systems cleaning completely tuned check I can hear the fuel pump priming took number one spark plug stuck a screwdriver in and I don't see any spark dumb question but think it's the ignition model under the cap ? Please help or tell me where I can find TNT thanks in advance
Tried 3 times to start normally but engine would turn over a bit then stop. 4th time I pumped the gas and it turned longer but didn't start until 5th time. Idle was normal for about five minutes then was very rough for a few more minutes before getting back to normal. Exhaust smelled like burned rubber. Drove 15 miles perfectly and then the idle got extremely low downhill for about a mile and back to normal again.

Pathfinder was cold at initial start after driving for over 20 miles it was very hot to the touch on driver side hood and fender and started again without an issue.
terminal 2 has no power red/blue line, thank you.
I cant get the front 3 plugs off the metal brackets .I need to change the valve cover gasket on that side..just had brackets fusing my neck ! I cant see under the plugs to see how to release them..theres gotta be a trick.right
This happened on several occassions, but it did start after a day or two had past. This last time it has failed to run. I removed the distributor cap and found that the rotor was not or did not spin. I removed the unit and appeared that the shaft above the gear was slightly warped and the u-shaped clip which holds the pin in place was not engaging the pin. I rotated the shaft on the unit and it rotated freely, but seemed rough, not a smooth rotation.
I purchased an after market distributor in excellent condition. I installed the new distributor and had the same results, no rotation of the distributor shaft. Obviously there's a gear in the distributor housing, could this gear be bad? Can it be easily replaced? Where is the fuse and sensor that are associated or related to the distributor located? Could these two items be the cause?? HELP PLEASE!!!
This done this to me 3 weeks ago but stopped after bout 20 minutes would sputter out or die...I would try to start it but it sputter ...then finally it start. And it ran fine until now and its doing it bad..I have to keep motor revved up in nutreul at stop light then put in gear..then it ran fine coming home..went to leave again and its doing it again...please please help truck is my work...
I have changed the thermostat, the sending unit, and on a computer the engine is showing a temp of 180 degrees. However, the dash gauge may be displaying pegged out on hot. A laser gun will also confirm the engine is running cool. The dash gauge problem is intermittent, with no similarities as to when it shows the correct temp or not.
i have no codes coming up and no engine light on. i have drove at 300 miles and still the EGR system and oxygen sensors show as "not complete". how do i clear these so i can pass my smog test?
Mechanics say everything checks out they can't find a reason why it won't start replaced distributor last month
Distributor seized up and stripped the engine driven gear. What drives this and how do I repair? Thanks
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