1997 Nissan Pathfinder Questions

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Check engine light started flashing. Can feel light shaking on steering wheel. Can feel it missing on idle. Only number 3 spark plug wet with gas.
the other day i was driving my 97 nissan r50 pathfinder home from work then all of a sudden outta the blue it stalls on me and the red come on so i pulled over n turned my ignition off i then turned the ignition red bak on n waited a few second n then tried starting it again it took 3 goes to get it started again it would sitt there n idle fine but as soon as apply pressure to the throttle the car would die it done it a half a dozen time n now its like its wants to start but aint its getting fuel coz ive chec the fuel filter its not blocked and the fuel pump is still working all the fuses n relays are fine does anyone know wat my issue might be
I will not shift into 3rd gear with the throttle body sensor connected can I just leave it unhooked until I can repair it at a later date
But stays 5 min on and then turns off?
We already change the fuel pump
what can be wrong with it
Replaced canister and solenoid under hood and on canister. Code come back as po446pd but no service eng. light. Will this pass NJ ins.
Car was running. It died while driving. Now it starts but quits immediately, even when trying to give it gas.
This morning I drove my car around then went home. Tried to start it later and the battery was dead. I jumped it and it started, but as soon I disconnected the jumper cable, it died. I tried a couple more times...letting it charge for a while, but same thing. It won't start. Any ideas?
My car is getting spark but it seems like berry little, is it possible the distributor is bad.
Car would start then idle for a few seconds and die again. Now it will not start at all. I already replaced fuel pump and filter and it seems to be getting spark. And I put a brand new battery in.
OK my 97pathfinder ran good I fixed a leaky valve cover than hours later it started running weird it would act like it was running out of gas than the the check engine light came on it flashed3times went off did it again than I shut it of went out a hr or so later it wouldn't start it acted like it was out of gas than it stopped rolling over and started clicking and there is a click on the drivers side around the relay box
I got 97 pathfinder it ran gray it had a valve cover leaking on the passanger side I fixed it well ours later I went to a friends house and I shut it off and then it wouldn't start it acted like it wasn't getting gas but it would fire but not start and run so than it stopped rolling over and it started clicking that I noticed a click outside on the drivers side around the relay box ?and also when it was acting up the check engine light would come on flash3times go than five minutes or so after do it again than stop ????any ideas I have a child on the way I do my own mechanical work but I can't afford another vehicle could someone help me plz ????god bless
OK my pathfinder ran good one day it started acting like it had bad gas than the check engine light came on it flashed3times than stop later that night I went to a friend house shut it off than it wouldn't start rolled over acted like it wasn't getting gas now all it dose is click and I here a clicking outside by the fuse box on the engine on drivers side I'm stumped
I have replaced water pump, timing belt etc but still have a substantial coolant leak from the valley area of the motor a5 degree slope is the difference between coolant running from front or rear of the valley area any ideas as to most likely cause would be great
Failed NJ inspection. did not wait long enough after erasing codes. I do not know the drive time or procedure to reset the sensors.
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