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OBD Code P0731 appeared, when checked, it says that the PCM detected that the RPM is not consistent with the RPM for the transmission first gear. Is this required transmission module or sensor replacement? If so, where is that sensor located at? Thank you for your help.
When going around curves my pathfinder sways badly. I just purchased it and it wasn't doing in when I test drove it. I only had it 3 days.
Why want it crank after being drove a while
It has never had plugs or wires changed and we've owned it about four years. I just replaced the left exhaust manifold, but it was doing it before. I thought maybe the after the manifold was changed it might stop!
Black exhaust is coming from the tailpipe. Also engine stalls in lower gears.
Runs fine from cold start. Let it sit for half an hour and engine light comes on throwing code P0302. Previously misfire went away in a couple of minutes, but now has to sit overnight and then restart.
1. 0 - 15 mph it shift into 2nd gear.
2. From 15 to 30 mph it shifts again but from 30 to 45 mph it doesn't shift, it high rave.
Because the overdrive doesn't shiftat high speed.

The 3.3ltr engine cuts out intermittently when running on Petrol, it has only just started doing this, it will start again without any trouble after putting it in Neutral (or parked if stationary) it mostly cuts out when backing off at traffic lights or corners, I have replaced the fuel filter, fuel pump, pump relay, road tested after each replacement, still the same, 12v is still getting to the pump when it stalls, is there something else that needs periodic replacement in the fuel system chain?
other; engine lamp comes on erratically and goes out when it feels like it no pattern to it, could the 2 be related?
As mentioned above, the engine runs fine on Gas (LPG), it is on dual fuel and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it when running on LPG. . (PLEASE NOTE..I am in Australia, I had to choose a bogus "Zip" code to be allowed onto this site, I hope that is not going to be a problem? my actual location is Alice Springs NT Au, Post Code 0870)

The O2 sensor plug/connector under the hood got stripped out and now I just see a Red wire, a Black wire, a White wire, and a Black/White wire.

The problem is that the replacement O2 sensor wires are 2 White, a black and a grey and not sure which color wires go together.

I was thinking that 1 White wire goes to the White wire. The Red wire goes to the other White wire. The Black goes with Black and Black/White wire goes to Grey.

Is that correct? Thanks for your help.
i have a 96 Nissan pathfinder it has been a great car until my check engine light came on and then it died while I was at a stop light, I then tried to restart it and it fired right up.. it dose not do this all the time maybe 1 out of every 5 stop lights. what could be the problem?
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