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I had to replace my rotor, and the guy that did it for me put the bearing and hub assembly wrong, one of the pieces to the hub has broken off, (it look like a washer)but I need to know the correct name so I can buy it.

I've already replace master cyclinder, rotor, brake pads, hose, and I bleed the system several times. What else should I check? Anyone?

Occurs after been used all day. Have to wait 40 to 50 min for it too cool down. Cleaned battery terminals, when turn key sometimes it clicks sometimes there is no noise. Starter is good.

Ok so i was driving my pathfinder the other ddaysy when my battery light came on and engine light did also.then my suv died. So i jump my suv and it crank up. But when i decided to put it in drive and let go of the brake. The suv does a little jerk and dies. But when i crank it up and put it in reverse. It go in reverse just fine. The alternator has been change but not my battery yet... Can someone help me here. Its my daily driver. I got 103 thousands miles on it. I had also change my atc fuse box cause the was melted.

rear wheel drive

More often than not i find myself "push or pop-starting" my 94' Pathfinder,when i turn the key dash lights go on but engine does not turnover,sometimes if i just roll it back & forth a few feet
then try it'll start,otherwise have to get it rolling & pop iit into 2nd or reverse(depending which way is downhill).It usually will also start quickly w/ a jumpstart or if i put my charger on in 50amp start position.Also,if i dont drive for a day or more i have harder time starting it.A friend said something about the "flywheel"not engaging or something to that affect(this was because of how it will start by just rolling bk & forth.

would the oil sending unit leak a lot of oil when running?

I have replaced the starter. Still won't start every time it just clicks. So I replaced the stater relay. And it won't start every time. Some times it starts some times it just clicks.

Stopped shifting when ea-t switch is off.

starter replaced with remanufactored starter and makes high pitch sound everytime I crank my vehicle.

While I was driving I herd a sound that's was something like running over a semi flatted aluminum can, that got kicked up and hit the bottom of the truck. I did feel something. before the sound my breaks got tight, like good breaks tight. ( i did just replace them about 6 months ago with ceramic breaks but they never felt good ) than they where gone completely. I made it home ( short drive) hearing, every once in a while, a crack/ clanking sound and it felt funny to shift. I smelt radiator fluid when turned the truck off and got out. The next morning, not running we pushed it back in reverse holding the clutch, it makes the same sound. But it only makes it every other turn of the tires or something. So yes not sure what is wrong. Help me please! (= thanks Ree

After changing those thing I have a hesitation before it starts