1992 Nissan Pathfinder Questions

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A friend who is a professional mechanic came out and said I have good spark plugs and I have spark, but I need a new fuel pump. I replaced that with a good quality one. The new pump is working and you can hear it turning on, processing the fuel and putting it back into the tank. The vehicle still did not start. Then I researched more online and also asked my friend about the issue- which gave me the answer to check the fuel lines again, replace fuel filter and if all else fails... use starter fluid to get it started. Checked fuel pump/hoses again, replaced fuel filter. No start. Used starting fluid to tart vehicle and lo and behold it stats but dies after the starter fluid is burned up. So, it seems that fuel is not getting to the final destination?
There is plenty of new Non-E gas in it and newer air filter.
I've just rewired the incoming positive cable because engine would dte; now the lights go off.
no dtcs, tried new spark plugs, it is getting fuel pressure and there is injector pulse, tried new coil and new ign module
1 long blink then 2 long 3 short 4 short 5 short then long pause and 5 short
new cap and rotor were replaced and now the thing will not fire at all
Wen i tried turning it.on it.wouldnt was.on my way home and it.turn off now it.dont wanna start at all and it.makes a weird sound
On my y 92 pathfinder where is the idle speed control. Plz dont laugh.
My Pathfinder is surging most @ start up. So i pulled codes, I got 2 different codes 23 (idle control valve ) &45 (injector leaking). My question is how do I determine which injector it is? What is the electrical specs for the injector?
I've checked charging system (12.9v), I've checked brake fluid level & my emergency brake is off. But both lights are on my dash, and wont go out
Battery good
holds 40-50 pounds fuel pressure,idels maybe a minute then cuts off.everything is hooked up. what do i need to try?
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