1990 Nissan Pathfinder Questions

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it wont shift in to 2nd gear it gets up to 3500 rpms and then starts spitting and sputtering but when you let off the gas and then push the gas back in then it will shift could yall possibly tell me whats wrong with it
I have a broke crankshaft in my 88 pathfinder will the crankshaft off a 94 pathfinder swap out OK or is it not compatible
Water pump in a Nissan pathfinder
I tolk of all of my sparkplugs off my motor and destributer cap and idk how they go back together
Battery is drained or dead. Sputters like its out of gas, timing is incorrect and speedometer is reading wrong
it doesn't seem to do it during idle or it may be to suttle at that time!!
Seal and i still have a lot of oil leaking from bottom of oil pump
After heating up looks as though inner seal leaks tranny fluid.
Plugged vent?
Torque converter seal?
Is there anything that I can break getting it off?
my pathfinder has a newer fuel pump and it pumps fuel all fuses and relays are good but truck just turns over and will not fire up,fuel filter is also new i took the air filter hose off and plugged vaccum lines with my fingers and it fires up for a couple of seconds and thats it i dont know what to do next.
How can I finder a diagram and instruction to replace the timing belt of my nissan pathfinder?
what is wrong when light that tells you your fuel is low doesnt come on anymore is it a fuse
my 90 pathfinder wont start the code it gives is a knock sensor i did a compression check and it only has 60 pounds all cylinders r about the same could it b the timing belt or jumped time
I recently tried to install rear brake shoes on my pathfinder and the shoes seemed to be too big has anyone else had this problem
the truck runs great but when u put it in gear it just shuts off ever time but u can crank it rite back up in neutrial or park but as soon as u put it in drive or reverse it shuts off and i have no clue where to start on fixing it someone help me out
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