2011 Nissan Murano Questions

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im getting a loud rattleing sound under my hood every time I press hard on excelerate i hear cowbell ringing? what could be the problem
Several months ago the brake pedal would do down to the floor occasionally. The mechanic could find nothing wrong. Last Week the pedal started doing down to the floor but the car did stop. The mechanic replaced the master cylinder and all the brake pads. After bleeding the brakes the pedal still goes all the way to the floor.
How to fix the convertible top
The engine light stays on
the engine light is on
A steady light
It is a steady light not blinking.
Battery was dead, jumped then this started.
The speedometer and the odometer also do not work
for the last 2-3 wks my Murano has been at the dealers and they are trying to find the problem of the traction coming on . they can't reproduce the fault, it comes on at different times . they have ran it threw their system checks . is there anyone else to have had this problem
key light stays on when driving
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