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At all. What could it be!
the driver power seat seems to slip or shift forward and backwards about a inch or two when locked in a certain position. it will not do this if the seat is all the way back or all the way forward, only does this in between positions..I'm Not a Robot.
We had an oil leak then did an oil change everything seemed to go back to normal then started leaking even worst, I believe the part were it is coming from is the oil cooler behind the part where the oil filter screws in, so we tried to replace the gasket during which the coolant line was knocked off and we lost alot of coolant. The gasket was to big so we put water in to be able to make it to auto parts store and now it's overheating and fluctuating. Any thoughts or suggestions it only has 73k miles on it. oh and the check engine light came on after the oil change and we never ere able to get the change oil light to go off after changing it, it also made a rattle sound kinda like a stuck lifter when accelerating.
Or how do I remove the locking lugs and replace with regular ones?
Was having car in for oil change and then told here's a picture of your gasket it will cost four thousand to fix and have to fix immediately. Seeing as the entire engine has to be removed to complete this repair, how is it possible to snap photo of my gasket?
The car has been to the dealer several times to be "reset". A few weeks later it comes back on again. Part of the cause may be the dog, but on other cars when this happens the light goes off when the dog leaves or I take my briefcase away. I wonder if I can do this myself if I buy a plug-in diagnostic unit.
in good condition; routine service
how much to replace head gasket on 2010 nissan murano?
would adding a quart of synthetic oil to regular oil cause a problem to anything ?
It started then a few hours later I got in it and it wouldn't start
The service engine light is on It turns over and you can smell gas fumes
But it won't start
I was told by my mechanic that I have a blown head gasket on my car with only 30,000 miles on it. I also was told that sludge was beginning to form. Why wouldn't my 'check engine' light go on if the car was overheating? and Why wouldn't I have noticed sludge when changing oil every 3,000 miles? I never had any issues with this car in the 2 1/2 yrs. I owned it. Very disappointed....
I went to the Nissan service center where i bought my car. It had 11,500 miles on it. I was getting the 15,000 mile check up for 429.00. Then they charged me 299.00 for brakes. At 11,500 miles would brakes be necessary?? I feel like i have been taken.
does the "check engine" light go on for scheduled maintenance?
can"t find how to get glove box off to replace cabin filter
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