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I am working on a 09 murano. The car runs good but when put in drive it will shut off. It will not move. Battery light is on. But no codes are being thrown when put a scanner. Ehat is causing this and how can i fix it
It's not consistently on. It came on this morning all the way to work. I crank it at 11 to come back home and it's not on at all. It's happened like this off and on for several weeks. It may go off for 3 to 4 days or a whole week before it comes back on again. Could this be a sensor going bad or something else.
Tough to turn steering wheel, makes a whining sound
I have read blogs about the cvt and am interested in buying a 2010 low mileage car.
Noises when shifting in first. No acceleration on turns. Car finally stopped moving. Gears will take 5 seconds to shift. Has there been a recall on this?
Noises when shifting in first. No acceleration on turns. Car finally stopped moving.
i have vdc sensor on how much cost to fixed a mehanic told me need to change tie rod lining both
where do i lode the 12 C D changer in the Nissan Murano and where is it located i have no clue please respond TONY
Shouldn't there be a beeping sound when backing up to alert me when objects are close to my car
Both rear door locks on my Murano have failed. One lock button on the door just flip-flops back and forth without affecting the lock at all, while the other is still lockable by reaching inside the back seat and locking and unlocking it. If we lock this door from the inside and then get out of the car to leave and hit the door unlock switch, upon returning to the car if the rear door is opened the alarm is triggered. Niether will unlock or unlock using the button or the remote. My local dealer has quoted $1090.00 to repair/replace both locks. Can anyone tell me if this is a fair price?
My car is making a sound like a throaty rumble when I drive. I brought my car to a local meineke and the guy told me that the front exhaust pipe needs to be replaced. Because of 1 leak that is not near the manifold. The estimate is for $980, not including labor because he said the pipe is curved & contains the catalytic converter in it. Does anyone think this is true? That this is a fair price?
When I accelerate, the vdc and brake light comes on.
Received a diagnosis that the catalyst in Bank 1 on the Bulkhead side failed.
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