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i broke the front axle aout a year ago and had it replaced along with motor mounts. i had a starter put in recently and the mechanic said i had a broken motor mount. that was the day before this happened. Im the only one that drives this car and i dont curb hop or burn rubber from stop signs. why would my motor mounts be breaking
The fuse is fine. The relay switch has been replaced. What else could be the cause.
How long have you had this problem? Since car turned over 100K miles
I here this clump sound every time the car down shift
How long have you had this problem? About six month
car died, replaced 7 yr old battery & drove home, bad altenator but drove car to work (about .5 mile) for 3 days, P0603 appeared intermitently, installed new altenator and after about 25 miles P0603 appeaered again. we reset code but it comes back aftershort trip. i have cleaned and reseated cables and connectors all the way to the ECM, but code comes back.
Car runs smoothly, but shuts down when the temperature gets to half, shuts down and won't start until it cools down
What else could be the problem
Haven't had an oil change in a while and Service Engine Soon light is on. Also just inflated all tires.
Seems all muranos fail at the upper clamp site.
Think I have a bad motor mount as well. Vibration at accelerating and while at a crushing speed
Problem occurs after coming to a stop and then upon accelerating
one that controls radio, heat, etc
I have a broken motor mount on the right side. what will happen if I continue to drive it this way?
My heat comes on and off and someone said it could be wiring how much does it cost to fix that
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