2005 Nissan Murano Questions

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My Murano was ruining fine over the weekend and when i left for work this morning the service engine soon light wad blinking and it was not running right at all. Shaking and loud... anyone have any idea what this could be???

door lock do not work

just started doing this, also the battery light is on.


I had a code for up and down shift solenoid it went away and I got code p0725.where is the solenoid located? The car idle low bucks when in regular drive but drives better when manual shifted. Its like it driving in the wrong gear.r

with in 24 hours it looses the coolent and is blowing hot air again. What next

My car has been make sound from the bottom when I drive, back up, turn the steering wheel

It will not pull out with moderate force. Is there a latch or some other locking mechanism? I'm afraid if I pull too hard I might break something.

i need to have my control arms replaced

I was driving down the road, and all of a sudden, the car was slowing down even though the rpm was going up. I let my foot off the gas, then put it back on, and it was fine. I've been given a few theories - transmission slip, computer glitch, low transmission fluid?

I have read some reviews about the faulty fuel damper and dirt build on the on cx axles, I went to try and get my car fixed today and was unable to get it serviced. I need to drive roundtrip about 562 miles. Are these two issues major enough for me not to drive? I have a family emergency and need to go out of town.