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Need to change fuel filter on 2005 nissan murano
I was driving home from my local vet center and when I was pushing the gas pedal I started to hear a clicking and I then let off the gas and it stopped and when I depressed the gas pedal again the service engine soon light came on and I took it to autozone this morning and they pulled a P0011 code from the motor any advice would be of help .
put new camshaft sensors, then crankshaft sensor was good then service engine light came on, checked code read PO744 torque converter clutch circuit intermittent. Help!
what could it be?
poor acceleration, replaced plugs,and cat converters replaced.
codes read camshaft position sensor so i cleaned and changed both but still codes are saying camshaft sensor why?
service engine light came on checked codes 1st was camshaftposition sensor 2nd was crankshaft position sensor bought both they look the same. Are they?
My Murano was ruining fine over the weekend and when i left for work this morning the service engine soon light wad blinking and it was not running right at all. Shaking and loud... anyone have any idea what this could be???
door lock do not work
just started doing this, also the battery light is on.
I had a code for up and down shift solenoid it went away and I got code p0725.where is the solenoid located? The car idle low bucks when in regular drive but drives better when manual shifted. Its like it driving in the wrong gear.r
with in 24 hours it looses the coolent and is blowing hot air again. What next
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