2004 Nissan Murano Questions

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I can't get into my cars hood due to the cable being broken.
The engine will turn over but not start until after several minutes. This happens each time it is driven. I know this problem is not the battery or the alternator.
My murano temp hand goes up while sitting still but when I drive off it goes back to normal. No sign of overheating under the hood.
When in motion my car locks up completely. I have children in it daily and this is very dangerous. My aunt has called Nissan and all they had to say was go have a Nissan professional go over it at your cost! It was a used car when I got it and has done since I bought it. They didn't know what was wrong either. I'm taking a wild guess and saying electrical. Some advice or answers would be great
Changed the battery and alternator and now the panic alarm keeps coming on and difficult to stop. What can I do?
How much would it be to fix
I need to know how many engine mount supports does the the 2004 Nissan Murano have.
I need to know how many engine mount supports does the the 2004 Nissan Murano have.
I believe it read "step moitore " the car has less power and read code "p1778"
seems to be the problem is it the rely or else., i even done the diagnostic test scanner shows that every thing is okay. please advice..
Charge battery an still wont start add oil an water to raidor still wont start tierd everything wont start have recall on it help me
My truck starts missing and sometimes it looses power, and has an oil leak in the rear of the engine.
The oil leak is about a year old, and since I may need a timing chain repair, I want to get done at the same time.
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