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When u accelerate
Before all this n the code said camshaft sensor I replaced both still nothing help plzz
My AC won't turn off! It remains on high. I can't turn it off and I can't seem to figure out why.
Have also changed the acctuator solenoid on the front bank. It coded
for sensors and solenoid. Not coding
now. I need some Ideas.
battery dies
which connects the rear wheeels rusted out.
Changed evaporator,changed condenser and dryer still no solution
We bought a used 2003 Murano. After getting home we found an invoice stating trouble code P0420, P0725, P1722. p0868 and at the bottom of invoice said "these parts declined by customer: OUTSE. Catalytic converter"

Of course none of this was relayed to us, and the car seems to not want to go when pressing on gas pedal, and then all of a sudden it will take off. It didn't do it on our test drives, but I notice it does it after the car has been driven for over an hour.

Would all of those codes cause the car to not pass emission? Dealer said it had current emission. I think someone got over on us. (My daughter and I )
is the air duct by the air filter
Hi. I've been following your post about the Murano. My car has 220k on it it was running smoothly and I went to get emissions done and check engine light came on. So the diagnostic was done and the problem was 0420 o2sensor bank one and 0840 transmission fluid pressure sensor /circuit switch Malfunction. The car drove fine. Then two days went by it wouldn't accelerate. I made it to a safe spot and parkhed the car. Now I try to plug up obd and it won't read nor come on. The car will reverse I hear it when I shift gears but it won't accelerate at all
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