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When the air conditioner is on in the car water runs into the cabin on the poof setting up the carpet. When I drive my car and turn the air on by the time I stop and turn the car off my carpet is wet. I vacuum and still water runs down on my carpet. No water on the ground on the outside
2012 Nissan Maxima would not start. Took to the dealer and told I needed a new alternator. Alternator was replaced. Picked up from dealership and loss power on the highway after I left the dealership going 60 mph and had to be towed back to the dealership. This time iI was told it was the battery cable. Battery had already been replaced. Four weeks later traveling on 95 the exact same thing happened. The dealership says they can't find anything wrong. Something is dangerously wrong when a car just loses power and shut down on highway.
Trying to hook up a remote starter and need to hook some wires into the open pin holes on the bcm.
Trying to find the location of the bcm in a 2012 Nissan Maxima
My car started blowing white smoke out both tail pipes . I came to notice it only does it when I turn right as well as it makes a knocking or winding sound . then a big cloud of white smoke is coming out . but it does not do this every time I go right
I went out one morning for work and their was a crack in my windshield. Upon inspecting and taking my car to a local Nissan dealer I was told that it was a stress crack, not anything that was done on my part. However there was no solution as to what was going to be done about it.
2012 Nissan maxima with 120,00 miles
Good buy or not
All lights and radio comes on but car make funny clicking noise but will not turn over..window also locked up
The GPS has an app that allows others to login and track your car
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