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I am able to tune and change stations etc. but when I turn the volume up nothing plays. When I put the car in reverse, backup camera doesn’t even display.
the play in the steering wheel is slight, but the whole steering shaft feels loose when hitting bumps.
Will start back up stutters and dies off replaced with new battery but still doesn’t crank up!!!
Had my AC compressor replaced due to car not cooling. After 2 weeks the same issue happened and was told the O ring seal had to be replaced.
My air compressor stopped working for the second time. Tested to see if it was getting power prior to buying a new compressor and it was. After installing the new compressor I found out that there wasn't any power going to the compressor.
It only happens when the car has sat awhile after that it doesn't happen while driving.
does seem to stop when I take my foot off the accelerator
After I had a strut put on, I started feeling bumps through the floor when I go slower than 55 miles per hour. Honestly, it feels like I can feel them through the pedals, and hear them. I never had this problem until I got this strut replaced. I felt this immediately.

I have had my car checked out by two locations. One says it's the sway bar link and bushing, but they are not sure because everything is tight. Another dealer says its a bad strut that was just put on the car and I need a new one. Someone else told me to have the engine mounts checked as well.

Has anyone else had this problem? Help!
has only 41000 miles
Cut off and I boosted it off and it crank but when I hit the gas it won't go no where
I was told that the black dust in my drivers seat is caused by the air filter for the blower to the seat is bad and needs replacement?
would not even go to acc mode to run radio or operate windows. steering will not lock either which may be part of the issue. is there any way to bypass anything to at least start it to get it to the dealer?
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