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Front bolt, rear bolt and ball joint. I understand the vehicle needs to be on the ground under load to toque to the proper spec's.
several times when I pressed start button it did nothing, the second time I pressed it it started. then yesterday after setting about an hour it would not start at all. friend came to help and could not get it out of park. New battery has plenty of fire. said it had to come out of gear to be towed.
I'm trying to get the engine light off on my 2009 Maxima. I couldn't find any videos on the location of the EVAP vcv. Any help here? How easy is it to get it?
Air was blowing very cold then all off a sudden it started blowing hot air
The other day I got gas went home after about a hour I drive the car went 2 minutes down the road, the car wouldn't pick up speed then after I pulled over. Then car would star but not let me drive would that be bad gas or something else that the dealership didn't tell me
started when speedometer was stuck at over 100mph. stopped car and restarted 4 to 5 times,on the 5th restart speedometer started working normally,but now front air bag indicator is lit up and shows it as being off. is there a sensor that might cause to happen.thanks for any help you can give.
verter not be bad?
I was told I needed a new compressor & accumulator .....AC comes on, blows hot air, & no leaks, FREON is full

anyone has any other suggestions before I have to dish out loads of much needed $$$$$
I had a 4 wheel alignment done as well as balancing al tires. The squeek in the rear is only when it is cold and any bumps you encounter will cause the back to squeek. Not sure if its related but tire pressure sensor light stays on even when pressure is accurate. I even had it replaced at the dealership. Any suggestions on where to look and what to do would be greatly appreciated.
Are there any other recalls that I should be aware of???
ABS makes a unusually loud noise when activated in slippery conditions. VDC light is on. Slip indicator light is on. Brake pedal pulses more than usual when abs is activated. Indicator lights are not on initially, then come on after car is driven a short distance. What is the problem? What will the repair cost?
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