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I have replace all the sensors from codes I don't know what else it could be
Lots of codes P0725, P1722,P0746,P0826,P1701,P0550,P2A03
It's also make a little ticking noise if you goes 60 it was running fine no issues till now. Is there a transmission sensor that could cause this? HELP ME PLEASE
the car will not start at all..when i turn the ignition it just click click click
Total coast 470$. Hose was 217.77, labor was 200$. Is that accurate. Just feels like im getting taken advantage of.
I had battery checked and it was fine the next day. The noise didn't happen that next day either. But the following day it returned and has remained. I tried to put my car on cruise control and it jumped off of it and forced me to use the pedal.
when I turn on seat heatgets er during winter I do not feel heat. I generally wear jeans and seat does not feel cold but does not get hot. They worked really good when new but this winter they seemed to of turned for worse. Dealer checked and said they get temp reading of 90 on drivers and 91 on passenger. With body temp of 98 it seem that seat temp need to be 100+ to be correct. By comparison on my 2007 HHR I have to put on low setting after a couple minutes.
The timing chains are making noise while excelerating.
I have one of those automatic adjusting seats that go back when I shut down and when I start up it sets seat in my correct position. When starting up it goes very slow and has a grinding sound.
there is a roreing noise on the drivers side
My 2008 nissan maxima when driven at low speed 20-40mph swerves. Obviously I purchase a lemon car I have taken my car back to the dealer and they keep telling me nothing is wrong with car. But ever since I purchase the car it started swerving. Took it back a week later they did an alignment but it continues to do the same thing. They told me they inspected shock and struts no problem. But when the car is going at 10,20 or 40mph in street or freeway it swerves and the back left tires feels like it bounces. I can keep the car straight and the steering wheel feels loose. Can you please help or advise?
The problem happened on the 3rd of April on my way home when an awefull smell came through the vents and the radio and nav system went blank, nothing was working.
Car starts but cuts off have to try to start the car a number of times before it starts
what is the cost of oil change
how do i replace the headlights on my 2008 nissan maxima?
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