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Nissan Maxima randomly wont start, no noise lights radio dash all work perfectly. Got new starter and Battery, Alternator tested good. Idk what it could be this happens daily and eventually it starts after 20-30 mins sumtimes must wait 45 mins b4 it start. Also notice P (parking) and N (Neutral) not shown on dash when it wont start. Mechanics cant fix cuz problem doesnt happen while Im at the shop so they can check it out. Any advice???
p1148 p1168 p0037 p0057 p0031 p0051
I usually put unleaded in my tank but that day u used premium unleaded n my low fuel light came on what do i need to do to solve this
My car need change transmision oil
Complete replacement
When you turn leadlights on they blink off and on
My car over heated when I checked under the hood there was a small disconnected hose and was seems to be radiator fluid every where.
Very hot outside. Started car with a/c already on full blast (factor?). Car started shaking, put it in reverse to backup and steering wheel VERY hard to turn and brakes VERY hard to apply. Turned a/c and car off, waited 5 minutes, started it again and drove home with no a/c and no further issues. This has happened before. What is wrong? Help!! And Thank You!!
The speedometers, gas gauge, or anything else on the dashboard doesn't work including the AC/Heat. However, the radio/clock and all other electrical lights on the car are working just fine. The car runs fine I just can't see how fast I'm going or how much gas I have in the car. Not to mention the no AC in this Texas heat! Any information would be greatly appreciated!
Instead of the fuel gauge going counter clockwise as the gas is used. The needle is all the way to the right of the empty line. Like it went past full all the way over, nearly down to the empty line.
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