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have replace out twice now. what would be drive cycle on it so it can be remove
Both vehicles have the same transmission but I need to know if the Quest re5f22a will plug up and work on my 2005 maxima se.
When driving I press on accelerator I have little to no speed take my foot off the accelerator mash it again then the car takes off
Just got the car today.. I've seemingly looked through all manuals and played with the settings on/in the center console dash display.
I put my key in the ignition and turn it, not starting the car, the inside lights are on, the dash lights are on and when I go to start the car, immediately everything goes black, the car is dead. No power anywhere. When I try to start it again, nothing, no chugging, just dead. I lose power to everything. My car is a 2005 Nissan Maxima.
Nissan recommended to service Timing chain service on March 29 2016, On March 09, 2017 I took my car to Midtown motor works replace Timing chain, new water pump, Timing cover seal, oil pan seal, oil filter, engine oil, thermostat with housing. After I pick up my car the service light is on and the noise is still loud. and I took back again on October 25, 2017 his said I need to new engine,
My front and rear struts need to be replaced. Trying to get an estimate.
I had change the mas and speed sensor and even change the throtle body but it didn't work, please help
Looking at a maxima to buy but owner says it needs to be reprogrammed for it to run. Is that expensive and worth fixing.
Loses speed when going down road
When allowed to "downshift" from first to second- a JERKING happens. NOT consistently. Most often it WILL ALWAYS be warmed up FIRST.
I am fairly certain my transmission is slipping... spent a week at auto shop, who said 'nothing is wrong with the transmission'. Had a shredded belt replaced & an interior air filter. Mechanics said that I have a wheel-bearing on back left that is going to need to be replaced and that was all... I had asked for a computer diagnostics to be run, I would think something related to the transmission might would show up indicating a problem(?) - I do not know if they actually performed the test or not.

But course, the jerking motion has gotten worse to the point that I was unsure if the care was about to die or not. Also, the engine revs up to 3 when accelerating from 0 up to ~ 30mph. Feels like changing gears is an issue (like they are getting stuck?). I do not know... I know very little about cars but I DO know that whatever this is, has something with the transmission.

The engine light just came on, all interior/dashboard lighting disappeared, then the check engine light appeared, followed by all of the other (on dash). I was 2-3 miles from home. Parked it only to see it is leaking some kind of fluid now, toward the front, right side, can't figure out what it is (it's not red, pink, brown or black and it's not water). Anyone that read this, feel free to post any advice - Thanks in advance.
Found a couple diff models than mine but dont know if compatible thanks
Gas and tachometer still work
Gas hand,speed odometer,temperature gauge,etc
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