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just stopped working
The button on the door sounds like it is working, and the valet switch in the glove box is on. I also cannot get the back seats down, and they are not locked
Circuits test good only diff between cmp1 and cmp2 is while running cmp 2 has a square wave that peaks at over 13v while one is just above 12 both circuits have the same voltage and ground. signal wire at bank 2 I cut and sensor still makes a 13 v square .. any thoughts would be greatly appreciated ty. also had/has p0726-p0550-p1564....Symptoms long crank . no shift mil.on.
More than half the time I brake I hear this metal hit and "spring" (like the sound the metal spring that stops the door from hitting the wall makes when you flick it) then I hear what sound like a computer hum. Sometimes I hear the metal grind and I feel a shake in the pedals. What's odd is I had my brakes inspected by Sears... Just a minor check and they said my brakes were good. I paid 50 for nissan to check the noise and they said they didn't hear anything when they drove it.... I wouldn't want to spend money on brakes I don't need and to find out it's something else. Please help:)
Bought this car from a used lot (never again!)
The ac didn't work but heater does. They added freon. It worked for a couple of hours (had an 06 prior and the cold air of the 2004 wasn't as cold as my 06) then it blew out warm air... And it whistles. I took it back again and same thing. They added freon and said they "didn't know the problem". Said there was no leak. And they pretty much said they weren't going to help:( it's hot and I need my ac. What can be the issue? And around how much am I looking at? Thanks in advance
My AC will blow cold then it blows warm after awhile. Now it has stop blowing cold completely and it is fully charged
it does it after about the third lock of the day! The lock right before it is going to do it the honk is a little longer but not continus. I can lock the door with the door button with no problem. I have replaced the battery in the keyfob with no luck!
master cylinder pump stays on and drains my battery
My nissan was just hit in the driver front and now the tire is bent in just wondering estimate cost and if its re-pairable
i am getting codes p0300, p1574, and p0057 my husband changed o2 sensor lastnight so i went to do the code again, same code exept for this time it said heater control circuit low, the first time it said downstream rear, i did go to two different places to read codes tho, please help did he change the wrong o2 sensor?????
2004 Nissan Maxima SL black on black with less than 56,000 miles. This car is in great condition and show ready, no expense was spared during the customization process.
my car runs nice but after like fifteen min. of driving the engine wont accelerate over 2thousand rpm
my car when i drive it for about twenty min. after it will shut off i would start it again but it wont rev more than 2thousand rpm
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