2004 Nissan Maxima Questions

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in stop and go traffic rpmsgo down and car will jerk let off the gas then it will go on
I need codes for radio
N when I put it revive it sounds like it's slipping.haveing no power to low power going up started having a loud noise today coming back from work with cost it to loss more power.what could be the problem
My Maxima barely turns left due to it locking short. It only does one revolution and a bit which is about 11 o'clock and I know it should almost be 2 and a half like every other car out there. Any idea what the problem could be
Car won't start barely trys
Won't start
My name is Steeve and I have a nissan maxima 2004. While driving today the abs goes on . I stopped the car, turned it off, restarted it and the light turned off . I would like to know if there a probleme with my car.
What could be wrong
Abs/hcu won't talk to computer for diagnostic test
I just sent my engine rebuilt to my Maxima 2004 3.5 my Maxima still ain't got the power it had before but one of my Cadillac converter was hollowed out would that be cause to lose power I originally took it in to have timing tensioners changed and my car hasn't been the same since
how do I get another one?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? I only have one silencer left
How long have you had this problem? 5 years
Battery light is on and abs light windows stop rolling up car starts but then sidle y won't excelerate then dies seems like an electrical problem I need help
garage is stating they have to change the transmission along with the engine as 1 assembly. for an engine internal damaged starting problem. never heard of them being 1 assembly.
it sat four days at garage until mechanic could look at it the battery was dead so he jumped it an it started.he hooked it to computer and couldn't find no problems.he thinks it could be a bad started a few more times with get a new key made I got to drive car to dealership to get new key and programed. should there be a way to tell if the key is bad
it was running and all of a sudden it stopped like it ran out of gas replaced everything do i need to reset something
Been delaying because cost is $1500-$2000. Happens consistently.
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