2003 Nissan Maxima Questions

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My car has aproblem in ignition key, sometimes the key is difficult to remove, do ineed to replace, or there is achance to repair

Car gets started every time but it has very loud sound. The blue smoke is also coming from one of the two exhausts ( silencers)

What tools to remove and replace it back? Do you know a trustworthy source online I could get the instructions to do it for my car?

The car has no power to ac/heater control, clocki and the code reader access has to power to it and therefore cannot obtain codes; All fuses in dash and under hood show to be working properly.

When my speed about 40 to 50 mph

I driving car. The car doesn't die but won't idle. I pull over press on gas few times and it will go. Could the canister valve cause this


I have done the sequence with the gas pedal it slows it to 2-1/2 rpm,until i turn it off and back on,then it goes back to 3-4 rpm .when i start it the rpm raise very high till it warms but takes a long time.i had changed the camshaft sensor and in doing so I had dismantled the air flow housing /sensor and noticed the carbon buildup and cleaned it off the shutter Doesn"t shift very well either. Please help

I thought the alternator was sucking my battery as when I took a reading of the battery when the car was off it was 12.7 and when I turned the car on it was 12.6-13.1 The car has been not starting from time to time and I would get a boost the car would work for a week or so then it would be dead again. The other day it wouldn't start someone gave me a boost I was driving home and then all of a sudden it was like I had nothing. I could only go about 2MPH or 5KMH when I pulled over the car did not stall out so I put the car in Neutral and revved the engine again. Everything was fine until I went back into first gear to go and again I could barely move only 2MPH or 5KMH. Also for about 5 seconds all the gauges gas RPM Speed indicator went crazy and were going back and forth really fast but I didn't have more acceleration at that time either just still same speed. Anyone have any thoughts? It is a standard if that helps also. Any help would be welcome. Thank you.

I used a new garage and they replaced my clutch 6 months ago with about 5,000 miles driven. I heard a groaning sound about 2 weeks ago when the car started to move in 1st gear and then the clutch died after that. I believe that it was due to an incorrect install, defective part, or partial replacement of clutch parts that caused the premature failure. Is it possible to tell from looking at the old parts?. The garage wants to charge me again for replacement of clutch!

Replaced engine and crankshaft sensor. will start but hard