2003 Nissan Maxima Questions

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Changed thermostat because car ran hot. Now car STILL runs hot and my heater no longer works! Also now while it's running a very strong coolant smell feels the car. Also my reservoir fills when car runs hot. There's no sign of leaks and haven't noticed any noises.
car makes thumping sound when driving over bumps...sometimes even smooth road. Just replaced the lower right and left front control arms. No change in sound
How long have you had this problem? 6 months
battery light on will not hold a charge battery tested good voltage regulator in alternator failed
if I start my car and turn the air on it will blow continuous hot air until I drive for at least a mile at a decent speed. When I'm driving without stops it blows cold amazing air but if I catch a red light I'm melting.
the car cranks but is not getting fuel the fuel pump and fuel pump relay are good and when the switch is turned on the AT check light flashes what could the issue be that would cause the car not to start
My car has aproblem in ignition key, sometimes the key is difficult to remove, do ineed to replace, or there is achance to repair
Car gets started every time but it has very loud sound. The blue smoke is also coming from one of the two exhausts ( silencers)
What tools to remove and replace it back? Do you know a trustworthy source online I could get the instructions to do it for my car?
The car has no power to ac/heater control, clocki and the code reader access has to power to it and therefore cannot obtain codes; All fuses in dash and under hood show to be working properly.
When my speed about 40 to 50 mph
I driving car. The car doesn't die but won't idle. I pull over press on gas few times and it will go. Could the canister valve cause this
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