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engine cuts off when driven , stopped a traffic light,or turning corner.
I just had my brakes and radiator replaced. Bit now my car takes long to cool and it cuts off in park.
Multiple cylinder misfire, cam position actuator A over adv. timing bank 1&2. Idles bad, no power, almost stalls. Changed oil multiple times, try and keep oil full, but started guzzling oil like crazy. Just not sure where to start repair wise. I know about vehicle repair, just not this car
What would cause gas fumes inside car just started 2 weeks after fuel pump replacement
what could be the cause of this besides a fuel cap that's not on tight enough?
and front wheel brakes
Hello I have 4 codes on my nissan maxima

My abs light is on and so is the check engine light. Speedometer does not work. If I drive sometimes it will ,then cut off again. When it does start working the abs light will come off but not the check engine light. Any information would be appreciated.
I just replaced the front pads and rotors on my 2002 Nissan Maxima and now there is a constant rattling noise. It sounds like keys clinking together. Applying the brakes does not affect the sound.
As you can see I have 3 issues. The rear defogger worked at one time and stopped - Checked the fuse and it's ok - The cig lighter worked once and stopped again the fuse is okay - Now I have the AT light, it appears to come on when I turn the key on and goes off when I start the car do I need to worry about this? I've already have replaced a couple of sensors and a ignition coil on the number 4 cylinder I don't need anything else to go wrong with this car seeing it's the only one I have and really can't afford anything else to wrong with it. Any help you can give I will appreciate it very much
Vehicle has less than 80.000 miles
I have brought my car to three different mechanics and no one can figure out why my car is overheating. Fans working fine, pressure test no leaks, hoses fine, radiator fine. They keep saying thermostat. I have changed it twice. Now they are saying they need to check the head gasket but I don't get any smoke or anything when I drive it. It doesnt overheat when Im driving around town stop and go, only when I am driving a straight run for about 10/15 minutes and the it just gets super high. Now they want to change water pump, but doesnt know if that is what it is. I feel like they are just guessing. I am a single mom and cant afford to just keep guessing and I dont want to get stuck. Please help?
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