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The gauge goes all the way up about 10 15 min after driving, water starts boiling and steaming but nothing is mixed in the oil and white smoke doesn't come out of the exhaust either. I just replaced the the thermostat and did a radiator flush.. although I just realized water does leak from the radiator somewhere could that be the issue? Also on another note the wheni drive it takes awhile to gather speed properly n stuffers ablittle bit until it catches speed then it stops only when I make a complete stop this happens and if I try to push the gas to hard to catch speed the car will turn off. What does this mean? Is it worth fixing? Or is it going to be a lot of money to fix? Or am I better off getting rid of the car? Thanks for ur time and help! It's truly greatly appreciated..
I have a 2002 Nissan Maxima GLE with about 153,000 miles on it. Recently the car would randomly die (and the battery and brake light would come on). After a few minutes, they would turn off and the car would work fine. This has happened for the past week, finally last night the car died and wouldn't start again. We replaced the camshaft and the battery on the car. Now the SLIP and TCS light are on, and the car will only start when you give it gas while turning the key; which I never had to do before. Once running, it runs fine except I have no interior lights. At night, the headlights come on but no dash lights for the tachometer or speedometer. The warning lights work fine. Any ideas?
Some clicking started from my engine I'm pretty sure after my oil change
my car starts but wont stay on... it keeps shutting off and it smokes when you press the accelerator. it also jerks forward when i try and accelerate.
My 2002 Nissan Maxima has 144,000 miles and was wondering how to keep the intake valves from getting carbon deposits.
Owners manual says to not use any fuel additives to clean engine or fuel system.
Does highway driving clean intake valves on port injected engine?
What else can I do to reduce or even remove carbon deposits?
I bought a new radiator a couple months ago and i put coolant in today and by the time I got home it was running hot again and smoke is only coming from the back of the motor like by the passenger
engine cuts off when driven , stopped a traffic light,or turning corner.
I just had my brakes and radiator replaced. Bit now my car takes long to cool and it cuts off in park.
Multiple cylinder misfire, cam position actuator A over adv. timing bank 1&2. Idles bad, no power, almost stalls. Changed oil multiple times, try and keep oil full, but started guzzling oil like crazy. Just not sure where to start repair wise. I know about vehicle repair, just not this car
What would cause gas fumes inside car just started 2 weeks after fuel pump replacement
what could be the cause of this besides a fuel cap that's not on tight enough?
and front wheel brakes
Hello I have 4 codes on my nissan maxima

My abs light is on and so is the check engine light. Speedometer does not work. If I drive sometimes it will ,then cut off again. When it does start working the abs light will come off but not the check engine light. Any information would be appreciated.
I just replaced the front pads and rotors on my 2002 Nissan Maxima and now there is a constant rattling noise. It sounds like keys clinking together. Applying the brakes does not affect the sound.
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