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Had starter rebuilt. Battery is hot. Turn key on, all the bells jingle, interior lights work. Turn key to crank want do anything. Click or nothing, tapped on starter, still nothing
When driving the fan come on for 5 to 10 second and go off. The temperature gauge goes up just below the hot line. This happen with the AC on or off
while im driving my car the stering wheel jerks from side to side but when i have it in cruse control it stops some plese help me
I changed the crankshaft position sensor the one closest to the oil filter on passenger side by the pulleys car is still shutting off when at idle or when it’s warm need to know am I missing another crankshaft position sensor when I changed the crankshaft position sensor the connector was full of oil do to the camshaft position sensor leaking so could that also b the problem
the key was left in the on position when running diagnostic, service light came on, we fixed the problem and the service light came on again, please give me instructions on the exact drive cycle to clear the light. The car runs like a dream, no problems at all except the censor replacement. Thanks
I just had my starter changed. My car started an was driving just fine for about a week. I went to work came home need to go to the store an my car wouldn't start and hasn't started for about 3 days now. What could be wrong?
What should I do
i turned on my car just fine, as i drove in reverse out of my drive way, car made a strange sound as i alined my stearing wheel. i thought it was my power stearing but when i open the hood there was splashed coolant tords the front right of the radiator. i cant see where the splash could have came from. what could it be? what do i check? this is the first time this happens. my check engine light is on but its due to the cat. after this incident, the idle reads at 3/4 as I drive 20/30 mph.
350000 on my motor prolly same with tranny.. at first it would drive fine until hot then I'd have to shut it down and wait 15 mins boom do it al over again now I just have 1st gear only for 3000 miles now before that I had 1st and 2nd and 2nd lasted 2500 miles.. is my tranny screwed? if so will this work my cars a 2000 gle and I've got a 99 gle good motor and tranny will this work if I swap out. please any info
What seems to make the problem better or worse? me makes worse cars driving me mad
How long have you had this problem? 3000 miles
I have new spark plugs and alternator and starter. I have a leak from rear left when i pump gas too fast but it will hold a full tank idk if its the error codes or something else. I also have dipping rpm when i idle the power will go down then stabilize.
Happens up hills. Once the car gets going it seems to run fairly well.
When I start the car and put it on Drive (D) it will not move. When I change the gear to 1 it will move and after driving with gear 1 or 2 for 3-5 mins and put same in drive Down then the car will start moving... What could be the cause of this please.

When the car is very warm or after driving for 30mins and above, it will move directly once you put it on Drive D.
after the car starts I can easily with no noise put it into any gear but it won't move.
Clicking noise from passenger side of the car,like the turn signal is on.there is no power at all
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