1999 Nissan Maxima Questions

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Just trying to find the bolt so I can refill my transmission
The engine stops on motion, what is the likely problems
It started a few days ago, when i accelerate the car a little over 40, it overpowers the battery and lights up everything in the car and out but with way more power than usual, it hasnt really affected the car in any way but just curious to why that occurs.
It burned the wires and radiators hose and the actual hose. But my car was parked and not running.
Any idea's
We dropped the trasmissikn last night to replace the clutch and when we put it back together it would crank and crank and crank but not start. Was not getting spark firing while cranking. Fuel
Pump was working.
Need total xost on getting a starter for an 1999 Nissan Máxima?
when i am driving there is a whosh sound on the left side
I replaced ignition cylinder. Car won't start because of security coding. Towed car to dealer and still won't start. Can't they/we just bypass or deactivate security system?
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