1999 Nissan Maxima Questions

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It cranks but wont turn over and the security light keeps blinking.
you try to switch from hot air to cold air and it will not switch just hot air. will not even go to vent air.
I was driving the car and I felt the car I drove it about 5 miles.I parked the car and turned it off.then I went to start it up and would not start. After 3 times of trying to start it finally did but running rough.Inoticed the rpm would go into normal range then fall below normal range. I also noticed the gas gauge going to empty very fast. I also noticed white smoke or vapor coming tail pipe. I also noticed gas or vapor dripping from tail pipe.
Wen I put Freon in Mhy Car it leaves air in tha hose want get cold still blowing. Out hot air. What cold be. Mhy problem
I am a noob learning how to fix things on my maxima. Exactly where is the oxygen sensor downstream bank 2 sensor 2? Any pics would be great if details u can give appreciated.

I have the new sensor so I'm looking to replace this ASAP. Thanks
My car won't start and the alarm lightt doesn't blink when i try to strat it it won't start so I took out the fuse box to shut my alarm off but I could only use my car for a certain while then it won't start due to the alarm still on. So my question is if I cut the alarm off will it affect anything
high pitch squeak under hood increase in noise level as car goes faster
Just trying to find the bolt so I can refill my transmission
The engine stops on motion, what is the likely problems
It started a few days ago, when i accelerate the car a little over 40, it overpowers the battery and lights up everything in the car and out but with way more power than usual, it hasnt really affected the car in any way but just curious to why that occurs.
It burned the wires and radiators hose and the actual hose. But my car was parked and not running.
Any idea's
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