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I have a 98 Nissan max gle, mileage is 109,000 it rides well but thermostat indicator is not reading correctly. So what could be the reason. Also when I brake that car starts to pulsate. Then as I accelerate it still pulsates but then it rides a bit normal after. Also the engine makes a ticking noise I think it is the levelers inside but not sure. Also the car rpm goes to 5,000 to keep at 65 mph. So anything would help about what to do. Thanks
Noise only occurs when driving going over a bump you could also hear it when opening and closing the doors. When you tap on the roof towards the back it got a different noise from the front. Its more solid sound towards the front.
I have to hit my gauge cluster to make it do I fix it...
when I order something from eBay they ask me the choice...
my car started by stopping on the motion and now not even moving anymore
My dashboard lights are good but they don't light up.
All the lights went out but don't know where to look for the fuse to them
I wanna know how much it will cost to get them fixed. Thanks
airbag deploys car wont start.bst battery safety terminal

amp for dashboard fuse
Planning 1000 mile trip from NJ to Florida.In addition to changing hose,belts and oil and doing a complete tune up, anything else I should do.
On ,I replaced the battery and connected the battery up and rear taillights where on
wouldn't connected to be inspected, could be electrical or computer problems. Just wanted a quote, is this fixable?
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