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My car recently started to buck and stall out whenever I was coming or going to completely stop. Then once I started to drive off the bucking would get worse until the car just stalled out. Most of the time I can get the car to start, but sometimes it takes a few tries. I've went ahead and changed the sparks, air filter, put fuel injector clean, etc. It only helped for about a week and the problem has come back with a vengeance. I would have went to auto zone to get the car scanned but they only read 1996 and up. I don't have the money to take it to an auto repair shop to get the codes read for 85 bucks.
I changed fuel injectors because auto shop said they were bad. To do that I took out the fuel for fuel and let to car die to use the fuel in system. I changed injectors put it back together and it hasn't started since. I get a crank but a no start. I smell fuel. The alarm went off when I re-attached the battery. I have checked fuses, fuel pump. There isn't a spark from coils. Could this be alam system? it doesn't look like after market alarm. Any Ideas?
the hard line is broke ware it meets the rubber line
I had the passenger side strut replaced and started having misfire and cut off problems when the car heated up. Does the CTS wiring go in the area of that strut that they might have caused a problem during replacement?
When it wants to
i check the +postive wire in ckp,maf,injectors,coils, all of them was grounded,(after burn ecm).. if i remove the ecm the no grounded wires,i change the ecm in one turn the car start.. after several minute i put all the accesories, like airfilter and MAF sensor, itry to start to check again ecm burn,
My car has been driving good until today. My husband was on his way to take it to O'reillys to buy some stuff when the car stopped. He tried to crank it and it won't start. The lights in the inside wont light up either. We have no radio and ac anymore. This is really weird and we have no idea whats wrong with it. We tried recharging the battery but it had no effect. Some say it may be the alternator or we need a new battery. This problem is completely new to us.
Electrical harness also changed
if there is where is it at
manufacture control misfire
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