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I have a '92 Nissan Maxima. It drove perfectly. No problems. This man checked my oil stick & told me that I had no oil in my car. He poured in 3 quarts of oil. Now when I start my car, it shakes & putts. When I accelerate it shakes & slowly struggles to move. When I'm doing a consistent speed on a highway I can also feel my car pulling. What is happening?! Did he put in too much oil?! This is only the 2nd day I've driven it since the oil was put in. Should I just ride it out for now with the possibility that it'll get better? Plz help!! :(
The car started and then cut off, when I finally got it run , I could only go in reverse. I was told to put transmission fluid in it but it is still not working
car overheats at standstill
just trying to recharge my ac because its blowing out warm/hot air
Went to shift into 3rd and it wouldn't made a grinding sound and feeling in the clutch pedal and the shifter. Made it home 4 blocks and it was a little smelly and when it cooled I could put it into gear again once it was hot couldn't put it into gear... So I replaced my slave and master cylinders and it seemed to run fine then so I proceiddmtimtake my buddy home that helped me fix it and then after it ran for 15 minutes and driving 12 blocks the same thing happened again! Wtf? So now it's stuck some one help me please! :)

My car is idling really high and I dont know why. I have cleaned the idle control valve and checked the timing but nothing happened. When i drive it the check engine light comes on.
How easy is it to replace the transmission speed sensor? Or how much would it cost to repair it at the mechanic?
I changed out the power antenna and no longer have radio, seat belt control nor power antenna. Any helpful notes would be greatly appreciated.
Very strange problem - driving down the road and the engine cuts out completely, dashboard lights go out, a couple of seconds later it cuts back in and runs as if nothing had happened. Problem got more frequent and longer cut out periods as it aged. Any ideas? Car is a 5spd, SE model.
I have tried to reset the alarm with the key but I have had not luck. I was trying to locate the anti theft module but I have had no success. I need the exacte location and exacte details of what to do.
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