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It only displays in cooler weather
The bearings in the turbo went out making it loose power. The fans in it was hitting the side and broke the fins. I bought a used one and the same thing happened twice. I might be doing something wrong but don't know if anyone has any input that can help me out.
Could it be related to a missing MAP sensor? Is it important to have a MAP sensor in all nissan juke?
My Juke had 7387 miles on the odometer and had been parked in my driveway for more than a day and a half. At 12:40 am it burst into flames. Fortunately an alert neighbor smelled smoke, called the Fire Dept who came promptly and in force. Luckily the damage was only to property rather than people or pets. Nissan site said they hadn't known of any fires or recalls. Was my car just a fluke Juke? There is no evidence of arson and I loved my Juke, it handled well, lots of head room, comfortable seats and enough style for me to find in a parking lot. Its a burned out melted mess now. Help with info please.
It was on ALL winter last year. Cold weather just made it come on again, it's been on for days! So annoying.
Please help.
I have the seat heat switch on and the heat temp fluctuates up and down for no reason. Is this normal?
Took my juke into dealership do to AC not cooling... was told car was still covered under 36000 mile warranty and shouldn't cost a csll from dealership saying that there was a very small puncher hole in the AC condenser and wouldn't be covered under the 36000 mile warranty due to possible road damage caused by a rock hitting it and will cost 970 dollars to fix it ... plus charged me a $95 diagnostic fee...... how do I how for sure it had a puntcher and not something they have done in order for them not hsving to fix it ....what good is the warranty if they don't fix a car with only 8000 miles on it
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