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We are a Toyota people. Just had an accident and looked at a Juke, 2012. Know nothing about them. After agreeing to buy I researched and now I'm afraid I made a big mistake. Lots of reports on problems with Turbo, Fuel line, stalling while driving AND Timing Chain problems. Salesman didn't even tell us it uses premium gas. I know, STUPID US!!! Supposed to pick it up today. Any helpful comments? Can I back out now? Already put down payment. Any good things to say about the 2012 Juke???
My car stopped working while I was driving on the freeway. I had let up on the gas in order to change lanes, but then it wouldn't respond to the accelerator when pressed again. It was as if the car had slipped out of gear but it didn't. I pulled to the shoulder. After I shut off my car it wouldn't start back up. No indicators on my instrument panel until the car failed to turn over after trying to restart it. Towed it to Nissan in San Rafael. They cannot get a diagnostic code and want to remove the engine! This can't be right. Any ideas?
This message pops up on the dash board.
recently purchased 2012 juke-7800 miles. took it back to garage after I couldn't get it started, the mechanic couldn't help me because it would consistently start. happened again today- could the batteries in keypod need replaced?
I would like to have a rough idea on how much it will cost to repair the whole fuel system. I added 3/4 tank to 1/4 diesel and drived at least 40 miles. The car made some weird movement but that was all. It is parked now
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