2012 Nissan Frontier Questions

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I was driving back from Flordia Keys pulling a trailer made it all the way back to Jax. and AC quit cooling. When I stopped for gas it cooled for about 10 minutes then quit again. Works fine around town with no trailer being pulled.
There is a large light on the backside of the cab (outside) that usually stays on for a few minutes after you park the truck...just long enough for me to get into the house!! It will not turn off!! How can I get it off?? Thanks!
Would gas treatment help prevent this? Nissan has replaced these without question under warranty, but it's irritating to have this happen so often.

Are these difficult to replace for an average home mechanic?
Engine started with a rough idle in reverse and drive. After new fuel injector didn't work, Tech is not checking the wiring. Do I have a lemon or is this fixable?
Dealer said this is normal for this engine 4.0L Auto.I have to disagree.
I want to open the door without them activating, also would like to bypass the timer on the cargo lamp
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