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It will happen then clear up and idle smooth for few minutes then do it again it only lasts for maybe 5-10 seconds
I have a 2011 Nissan Frontier SL.
About 2-3 years ago I changed the front and rear differential fluid and transfer case fluid. About a year or two ago I noticed if I turn a tight corner in 4WD the car moves very slow and clunky. Going straight in drive or in reverse I've had no issues.

I changed the front and rear diff fluid and the transfer case fluid yesterday, and noticed that now if I take a tight corner in 4WD the vehicle will not move at all, even in drive and with gas applied.

I have no issues with a tight turn in 2WD, and in 4WD moving straight or slight turns in Drive or Reverse do not cause issues. I can change in and out of 4WD with no issues.

The only issue is tight turns(turn the wheel completely 1 way) the truck will lock up and cannot move.

Any ideas what is wrong?

Thank you!
Reservoir is full but no noise from the pump
2011 Nissan Frontier Airbag light comes on flashing .... when cleared , comes back on .. only way to get codes is by turning steering wheel all the way to left or right then it will give error codes... B1054
Evaporative Emission Control System Vent Control
This occurs about 4 times a week. Pulling in garage, the 4wd came on, brake light on dash came on, the headlights flashed several times. The engine also seemed to what I called hiccup.
first time i encountered this problem
Im wondering if there is a starter fuse or something. is checked the fuses in the glovebox that are listed as IGN (Ignition) they all were OK
My truck has 36,500 miles on it, an automatic transmission, & has been well taken care of. This problem happened last year in the middle of a busy intersection. The only way that I could get it to go was by putting it in park & then drive again. I was told by the dealer that it was a "brake line failure", & it was fixed free of charge. Now it's happening again, less than a year later. It only seems to happen when I come to a complete stop on an incline. When I press the gas pedal, it revs, hesitates, grinds, & lurches going into gear. Diagnostics from the dealer don't show anything wrong. What is causing this problem? I also just realized that my A/C is leaking Freon. I'm afraid this truck is a lemon.
Truck has 74000 miles. noise started just this past week. No warning lights come on, just the ding. Similar to seatbelt warning sound. Any idea what it is? I love my truck but it's driving my nuts doing this!
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