2007 Nissan Frontier Questions

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I have noticed on after market parts websites they ask if the truck has a utility box or without utility box. Does this matter when I am searching for a tailgate?
Battery good
Terminals tight
Engine cranks normal

If I wait a while it starts and runs normally
Check engine light came on and the gas pedal is to the floor but wont accelerate
I am replacing my engine Frontier 4.0 with torque converter attached. I cannot seem to get it all the way back to the bell housing I have spun the crank to no avail to line up shaft splines
No matter where I have the temperature control dial set, in the blue area or the red I get heat from the vent. Don't want a/c just fresh air which should flow from center and side vents with the air flow control dial set on head position. No idea how the temp control dial works or where it is?
I went to get an oil change and was told there is a high pitch sound when engine is reved.
A code was given for faulty speed sensor, which was replaced by transmission shop. The shop flushed and replaced the transmission filter when they replaced the speed sensor. Now it is giving the same code of speed sensor and lost power. Am I looking at needing a new transmission?
I replaced battery and cleaned terminals. Had starter tested (good). Lights and accessories are getting power. What are my next steps? Starter relay? Ignition switch?
No signal in coil and injectors of the engine...the security system NATS working well....what is the problem could please
No response when I turn key to start engine. All power for inside and outside works fine.
Replaced battery but engine will not turn over. There is a click at the relay.
We replaced the battery, but engine will not turn over. maybe a loose connection at the starter or perhaps a bad starter solinoid
when u turn the truck off it has like a gurgling sound or something like tht coming from the fuel tank.Only does it after trucks been running or whn its hot outside
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