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What would cause a 2006 Nissan Frontier, Crew Cab 4.0 V6 to not start after it has warmed up? When it is cold it starts up fine. After it has warmed up and shut off it will not start without applying ether. Since this issue occurred we have replaced the camshaft, crankshaft, and fuel pump. We have also cut off the catalytic converter. What else should we be looking at? Thanks!
I could not remember if the shaft o-ring needed light grease or just clean motor oil when installing. And , yes, I did put grease on the new distributor gear. Should I take the distributor out and wipe off the grease and put oil on the o-ring ? Thanks for an answer.
Mosstly the noise is after vehicle warms up noise is in the headeds
I'm think starter relay or ignition relay
I've replaced both front and back o2 sensors within the year. The coder said 1 o2 sensor but mechanic said it was gaskets, is this so? The labor is 4 hours.
The yellow windshield washer fluid low indicator light on dashboard will blink for a few minutes while operating the vehicle, en will stop pulsing and stay solid yellow. Also my cruise control will turn on but when trying to engage this function, most of the time it won't catch or "set". Possibly related?
No details
Replaced sway bar bushings, struts. Added kit and performed alignment.
Still have noise when going over curbs, speed bumps.
Left turn almost always results in pop/snap felt inn steering wheel.
Arizona truck bought new 55,000 miles.
It's gettin fire and fuel.
I know how my vehicle drove until it stopped driving. The prices for repairing a clutch can be so different how would I know I am being charged the right amount?
Blows hot air and the switch won't engage did I over charge is it a computer safety (help)
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