2004 Nissan Frontier Questions

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My windows will roll down and up for a couple days then stop for a week/couple days, and do this back and forth.
We tried buying new fuses, and that wasn't the problem.
Also bought a control panel for the side door, also didn't work.
How long have you had this problem? two months
while driveing truck died on road will not turn over it acted like no gas now seems not getting fire
The seat belt light blinks on and off once the truck is cranked. How can I turn this light off ?
I took the dash out to replace the radio and I unhooked all connections to install another radio that would work. One was the air bag light and it is put back together and the light continues to flash all the time.
chirping about every 1/4 mile and sometimes it really squels
I broke the timing belt and need to know if I need a valve job. If it is a non interference engine, then I don't need it.
Runs after replacing dist.
Then will not start again. No fire at plugs. Check all connections grounds nothing lose.
Replaced two times in two weeks. Cleared codes ran fine started this morning the shut down again with no fire at plugs
3.3 supercharged vgee
Turns over but not starting
It will crank right back up and runs great. No check engine light. New plugs, wires, cap, Timing belt.
The truck needs a motor
What will cause lose of power and want start
At the same time, the dash charging port also stops and starts.
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