2002 Nissan Frontier Questions

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would it be sensor or computer i find no faulty wiring at all
So I gave her a tune up; new wires, cap, rotary button, oil, oil filter and fuel filter. What else an I do before I start bringing to a mechanic cause my worries are that it's the cats and I don't want it to mess up worse if I can fix something simple now, sugesstions?
I have all other gears but 4th. It also makes a bad whining noise. Any help would be great
I can reverse and drive in 1st and 2nd gear but will not engage in drive, when put in drive it just goes neutral hit the gas and is like I heave it in neutral?
but runs rough and then stalls
Thermostat not showing running hot.
I have been quoted around $1000+ for replacement of a part at two different shops (one was a Nissan dealership). The dealership gave me completely wrong information - they said the part was no longer available new and would have to be replaced with a used part (it is available), and the part # they gave me ended up being for a v6 and I have a v4. Another shop would never tell me the specific part they would be charging me $1000 for. I need to get my brakes fixed, and I have no idea where to go.
after all the fluids heat up the transmission seems to operate normally. Problem seems to be getting worse each day.
dist cap and rotor and it still show misfire 1 cyl, fixing to install number 1 cyl fuel injector. Right now the engine misses bad
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