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Done a timing chain done now when I press on the gas it makes a rattling noises now
it's a 4 cylinder

What seems to make the problem better or worse? Just driving
How long have you had this problem? For a while

How long have you had this problem? horn and cruise does not work
recently when i start the truck in the morning, the pulley on the supercharger
makes a rattly noise. is there any maintenance to do on these.
2001 Nissan Frontier Desert Runner
3.3 liter SC
Only occurs during summer months. Runs great as long as the weather is cool.
abs and brake light staying on and I bleed system and changed master cylinder
I marked the Old and New distributors with reference points/marks so that the new one would go back the same way and position that the Old one came out. It started before I replaced it with a new one but, the truck won't start now. Can anyone help me with this problem.
could this be distributor I did get it to run but just idle then died it tries to fire when I let up on the key after trying to start it
I put in reverse and other gears and it just acts like its in park or neutral.
My 87 year old father took his truck in and they told him the knock sensor needed replaced, then said they need to replace the timing belt and spark plugs. He paid them $2800 to have the work done. Got the truck back and it is keeps missing. So truck is back in there and they say they believe it is a bad knock sensor they put in. We are unfortunately just finding out about this. My issue is in the cost of the repair, I priced the knock sensor and they range from about $25 to $200, a timing belt is $30-$50, new plugs under $20. So a total of over $2800 seems out right over charged.
So I checked the battery and alternator.and they both checked out good.
Replace pump or power steering pressure side hose?
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