2000 Nissan Frontier Questions

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Just brought this car and just trying to see which one it take.
All lites on dash lite up with key on on position. These include seat belt, service soon, oil, and battery. I replaced 4 bad bulbs on the specs cluster and the air bag or srs lite still does not come on. Is it suppossed to lite up with key on on position. 2000 Nissan Frontier, 4 cylinder, standard.
Pulled the transmission to repair a rear main seal. Replace the seal and reinstalled the transmission. 2 wires on the transmission range sensor came loose. I purchased a new sensor and installed it. Now the transmission won’t shift from 2 to 3rd gear. Any idea what might be the problem.
Thanks in advance
outside temperature in 90's, engine kept running fine...just no speedometer readings as well as no rpm and engine temp. lights worked but AC was erratic...seemed to clutch in and out. 2000 Nissan frontier 4x4 crew cab.
This truck just died on the freeway. Diagnosed as a timing chain problem. If the timing chain is bad does that mean the valves are also damaged? My husband read somewhere the Nissan trucks had trouble with piston clearance..the valves may be damaged. I'm just trying to help my college kids save some money and headache. Thanks in advance.
Strobe lights while the truck is running and idiling. As you give it gas the flickering stops and we have also took the positive side off the battery and the truck remains running....
I hot wired compressor to take couple cans freon but as soon as I take hot wire off, the compressor kicks off therefore it will not take any more freon. Someone said there is a switch behind the glove box that makes compressor stay kicked on to take more freon?
I have cleaned the carb put new fuel filter but still won't idle need to know what to check or what to do. Thanks.
Won't go in reverse at all.
When I TURN ON my Air conditioner, #1, #2 nor #3 doesn't flow air, only #4; what's happening?
this happened only after i changed the distributor. it begins cranking normally then in the middle it will just stop cranking like it has shorted out. if i hold the key there for a second it will continue to start and run fine. i have changed the plugs, wire, starter, ignition switch, stater relay, and honestly at this point i dont know what to do next. it seems to do it on moist, cold or rainy days but not always. i am totally at a loss as what to do next
Replaced head gaskets and timing belt,water pump ,distributor ,plugs and wires
Stopped blowing air so I unplugged the blower motor resistor to go and replace. When I started truck to go get the part the blower worked. Only blows periodically for the last month or so. Has only blown on HIGH for years.
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