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I have a this same vehicle with the 3.3 V6, automatic, King Cab, A/C. I've changed the distributor in 2007 and then again last Monday (Feb. 2018). By Wends. the same symptoms came back. Took truck back to mechanic, changed distributor with a better band yesterday. Mechanic let the truck run for an hour, then test drove it 20 mins. I got the truck back and after 40 miles the same "die out" symptoms returned. I'm still getting a Knock Sensor fault code which the mechanic said is not related to the die-out symptoms.
I dove my 1999 nissan frontier p/u to the store when leaving truck would not start. it just clicked but will push start. It wouldnt take a jump either just the click when I turn the key.
Garage replaced oxygen sensor bank 1 sensor 1, Code still kept coming up so I took it back and they cleaned mass air flow sensors. Code is still but not as much. Usually after driving out of town and back a couple times it will still pop up. What else could be the problem?
I am trying to know if I have to remover the steering column to replace a broken Windshield wiper switch arm
Located on top of bellhousing, cannot see it from the bottom of vehicle, and catalytic converter is in the way of my hands to feel around. Can see it through the wheel well, i think. But dont have a long enough ratchet to reach it.

Searched multiple websites and found no other details besides the fact that its on top of the bellhousing. Any ideas on what might need to be taken apart to access it?
I have tried a new switch no change.Have checked grounds under hood.
When i accelerated the truck would jolt and the rmps would start jumping more down almost like the truck was huffing
I changed the fuel filter and I can hear the fuel pump come on but no fuel could it be the main fuel relay and if so where is it located.
I got a Nissan Frontier 4X2 XE with a 4cyl engine. Could this be a senser? or just a messed up gauge. The thermostat has been replaced.
If it is a chain, do I need to change it if there is no problem with it?
the 99 Nissan frontier will start and run fine for up to approx. 10 miles. it then begins to run rough and then chokes down. we pulled over and restarted the engine, added some gasoline into the intake through the breather piping, this had no effect on the rough running engine. the exhaust output is pretty strong at this time. when the engine is stopped about 30 minutes it starts and runs fine until again until driven approx.10 miles. the check light works when starting but does not stay on after 10 seconds.
do you have any idea what the problem could be.
I watched the charger it showes it is charging than i hear a clock than it showes fully charged but it is not could it be a relay?
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