2005 Nissan Armada Questions

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My Armada won't start or turn over. Oil was reading high then next day won't start
The engine fails to start it sometimes starts and fail other times 2005 Nissan Armada 5.6 I need the camshaft sensor location
Battery goes low even when we turn the ac on then

The gage goes to half then to low need help
I have heard a thumping sound once about a month ago, but the air conditioner was working. It would only work on high. Today, I felt a little air on my feet, but other wise it doesn't blow or cool the car now.
The rear AC motor does not run
My car ticks like a loud clock when idling.
Currently, my car is making a strange ticking sound and I don't know why.
Please help me
My car is making a ticking sound.- Usertesting
Every time my car is on idle there is a constant ticking sound coming from the engine. Anyone know what may be causing this?
It's hard to take off but once get going it drives fine and at light is on what could this be
I have a Cummins ISX from 2009 and I want to make a few repair procedures on it, to clean the EGR and to change all the consumables. The repair manual will help me a lot! Thanks
My truck is making a tapping sound like the LIFTERS are tapping but it doesn't have LIFTERS
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