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My well-maintained 2008 Nissan Altima Hybrid has 113K on it and never had any issue until three weeks ago when it started shaking - running on hybrid mode was fine but idling was rough. It was towed to an AAA-approved local shop which got codes from car at no cost to me (P1195, P0AC4, P0204, P0203, P0202, P0201,P2135,P0451, and P0300) but declined to service car due to lack of information to diagnose properly. The car at this point could not even start. It was towed a Nissan dealer from whom the car was purchased. The dealer replaced brake switch to get car started and recommended a hybrid specialist to review car - their hybrid mechanic was on leave and thus not available. The car was towed to another dealer about 20 miles away, who has the hybrid computer replaced and found multiples codes: C1259, C1310, and P0A0F, P1195, P0201, 202, 203, 204. By this time the car could start but with shake so much that idling was not possible. The dealer has performed power testing to each injectors and all tested good, but coils and fuel pressure have not been tested. Hybrid battery dropped voltage during testing - a confirmed failure that I could have it replaced under warranty. At this point I have spent close to $2000 with little progress in fixing this car. With the dealer unable to provide any assurance that a fix is imminent, I have finally decided to tow the car back home to decide what to do with it.
what is the most common problems with these cars
My son's car has cut off on him twice while driving on the highway, once while taking me to work, and once while trying to pick me up from work. We have taken it to Nissan 22 and paid nearly two thousand dollars. Yet the problem still exist. They continue to say nothings wrong. Will they wait till he's seriously injured. I need help. He's my only child and a new father.
They told me it will cost $1000.00 and it will take a month to get the part! Does this sound right? Why so long?
I have been driving 55 miles/hour and the engine cut out and even by depressing the gas pedal there was no power, the cause according to nissan was BOTH of the catalytic converter need to be replace this was at 42k miles. Now at 92k miles, the engine power was lost at a stop light and nissan stated it was the converter inverter needed replacing. When I picked up the car after the repair within 15 miles the power cut out and the engine light and many others lit up. I brought the car back to the nissan dealer and they contacted the nissan engineers-no word yet on the cause. Any thoughts??
If the weather is warm the car overheats after 30-50 miles at highways speed. Has been checked over by Nissan Hybrid certified shop twice. Found nothing wrong. Reported that it is not throwing any codes.
a nissan ext. warr costs 2500.00 Go for it? The car is certified has 40,000 miles
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